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Back in the day, people used to dream of the perfect Smart house, A future that is fully controlled by computers, where all home devices knew what to do and when to do it. Yet what was believed as a far-fetched idea at the time, is now not only achievable but on a budget as well.

With our smart home solutions, you can guarantee a fully automated home using Amjad smart app, all while offering seamless integration with many of the smart systems like, Google home, Alexa smart home, as well as Samsung SmartThings.


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DOMINA plus is the best home automation system for a next generation house. Each room has a lot of functions to expand comfort, safety, security and life’s quality. You can also reduce consumptions thanks to energy saving function.

Smart Lighting

Your house can now reflect your current mood, enabling full color, dimness, and warmth customization for every individual light, simply use Amjad smart app or voice commands to shift the atmosphere of your future home.
Our smart switches are fully compatible with all your other smart devices, allowing you to set automated light settings based on daylight, temperature, and motion detection forming a harmony of automation for a perfectly connected house.
With Scheduled timings, you can set your lights to turn on and off at certain times, simulating being at home even if you are not, which serves as an added layer of security.
Being CLF/ LED bulbs, smart lights can save up to 70% more energy and last 20 times as long as your traditional incandescent bulbs, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Smart Curtains

Convenience is the most prominent feature in smart home devices, with our smart curtains, you never have to manually open and close curtains again.
Our smart switchbots can even be installed on your current curtains, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of automated curtains without the need to purchase new ones. Using the smart app or voice commands allows you to fully program the smartbot curtains, opening and closing automatically at your desired lighting/timing preferences.

Want to save energy on air conditioning?

Smart curtains can be linked to a thermostat, allowing them to close at certain temperatures, keeping your house cool during the summer days.

Smart AI Cameras

Artificial intelligence cameras are the best option for your home, offering not only security but a peace of mind. Smart cameras can utilize motion detection to record and send you notifications of all changes in your living space, all while providing direct access to your smart device from anywhere around the world.

Indoor smart cameras are equipped with pet recognition AI, allowing them to record all your pet’s activities, keeping an eye on them wherever you go, this is especially useful if you have a cat with an appetite for destruction.

With smart doorbell, you can see who is at your door at any time, and can be configured to alert you whenever someone is at your doorstep, allowing you to communicate with them remotely even if you’re not at home.

But what about privacy?

You can turn on privacy mode disabling all the features at will.

Smart Thermostat

When mentioning a thermostat, most people would look towards the device that turns the AC on and sets its temperature and that’s it. On the other hand, a smart thermostat is very useful to your smart home, as it allows you to:

  • Remotely set your AC to function according to your preferred timing, coming home from work? Your house will be nice and cool at the time of your arrival without the need to keep the AC on the entire time.
  • Utilize the rooms temperature as a data factor for your smart home, thus allowing other smart devices to act based on the room’s temperature, if it’s too hot during the day the curtains will close remotely allowing the room to naturally cool down.
  • Save a lot of energy as the AC system will operate exactly when needed.

Smart Switches & Wall Sockets

Replace your existing switches and electric sockets with their smart home equivalents, which will then be integrated into your smart home Ecosystem, enabling a multitude of features such as:

  • Remote control over all your electric devices, if it connects to your house then you can control it from anywhere around the world using both Amjad smart app, as well as every smart system you have available.
  • The ability to program each socket and switch independently, this is done based on times, events, as well as the interaction with other smart devices, for example: you can set your coffee maker to automatically heat your morning coffee at 6:00AM every day.
  • Using Amjad smart app you can monitor power consumption and set power limits for each device in your house, this will help increase your energy efficiency and save costs in the long run.
  • Have children at home? You can put your children’s safety first by locking your sockets and switches preventing them from playing with dangerous electronics.

Smart Sockets

Control each individual socket using smart app or voice commands, schedule on and off cycles for all your connected devices. Monitor energy consumption statistics using Amjad smart app. This allows you to better optimize power consumption by either replacing devices with high consumption, or by setting a consumption limit per socket, after which the socket will automatically switch off.

Smart Universal IR Controller

No matter how many devices gets upgraded into smart devices, there will always be some electronics around your house that lack the smart features expected from your future home.
And that’s where Smart IR controllers come in, allowing you to turn every device that can be controlled via a remote control into a smart device, this will include your TV, fan, players and many other old devices.
Once installed, a smart IR controller will allow you to remotely utilize and program its attached devices to your liking.
While at work, your TV can be remotely switched on and set to record your important football match allowing you to view it later once you have the time.

Amjad Smart Home App

Link all your smart devices to a single app, allowing you to:

• Fully control all your smart devices from anywhere.

• Monitor energy consumption statistics from your smart sockets.

• Configure smart devices to work according to your needs.

• Send notifications of any change in your smart home.

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