Local Network Installation

Connect Your Business

Small startups often rely on old-fashioned means of communication and resource sharing, as it is very reasonable for 2 people to use the office printer and exchange info. However, once your business starts growing, it becomes very inconvenient to utilize traditional methods of data and device sharing, and that’s where local networks come in.

With a local network, all your devices can be linked together, allowing the synchronized sharing of files as well as all other devices on the network connecting to the server.

We offer full installation and maintenance of LAN networks and servers, as well as all devices that are linked to said network from printers to computers, and even attendance machines.

Weather it’s a small or a large operation, we handle everything, from the sockets on the walls all the way to the server room, with full cabling, installation, configuration and long-term support, not just for the network, but for every device that links to it as well.

VPN and Network Firewall

We install and configure network firewalls to stop unauthorized access to your network, the only traffic allowed on the network will be defined through firewall policies, these policies will be set according to your security standards.
This will ensure a more secure work environment, identifying all security threats that your network may face in real-time, keeping records of all hack attempts to notify the appropriate authorities in case of a breach attempt.

We offer a wide variety of network security solutions to accommodate your every need, whether it’s a small office or a large company, we got you covered.

Being the official partners of Palo alto networks, we can provide enterprise level network security solutions, providing superior network security for your growing business.

Working from home through Network VPN

Network VPN allows your employees to connect to your business network through the internet, giving them the freedom to securely access work data remotely, Controlling their office computers from the comfort of their homes through remote access.

This feature is now more important than ever due to Covid-19, Network VPN will aid your day-to-day business operations without the need to leave the house, and at the same capacity as before, unhindered by the pandemic.