Backup & Sharing

Secure Your Data

We live in a digital age where all our vital business data is digitally stored on our devices. Unfortunately, local storage devices can easily fall victim to corruption, malfunctioning and viruses which will result in a massive loss of client and personal data. But with our backup solutions, we can backup and set up personalized sharing for all your data, to ensure both maximum security and user convenience.

Network attached storage NAS:

Stores your valuable data on a localized secured backup device, equipped with multiple redundancy drives, which will in turn recover the data automatically in case the main drives got corrupted, ensuring your data is kept safe.
Being a network storage, NAS allows you to access your secured data from anywhere at any time, while the source data is stored safely at your workplace.

Cloud storage

Cloud backup can offer Realtime sync for all your data, sending it to a remote location for safekeeping. The 3ed party provider will then make sure your data is secured with multiple redundancy drives, and can be restored in case of any data corruption. Much like NAS, cloud storage allows you to securely access your data from anywhere at any time.